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  • General

    What Is prodato.rs?

    PRODATO.RS is an internet portal specialized in the auction sale of items. Auction sale (bidding) is the right way to get top quality products at a good price. PRODATO.RS gives its members the opportunity to buy new and current items that are currently in trend at the most favorable terms and prices. In addition to buying, participating in the auction is also a form of entertainment that will awaken your fighting spirit during the competition.

  • Why Should I Use prodato.rs?

    The "prodato.rs" platform is a unique sales platform that allows you to buy desired items at favorable prices. Periodically, new items are posted for upcoming auctions that will meet your needs and desires. We are open to any questions or doubts you may have and feel free to contact us at care@prodato.rs. We would like to point out that under "PRODATO.RS" there is no type of lottery or any other type of games of chance. "PRODATO.RS" does not contain any random element, because the outcome of each auction depends on how many bids the bidder is willing to make. . A bidder can win any auction provided they bid the highest and therefore there is no element of luck or chance. The bidder should be aware of the number of bids he is placing and exercise caution in order not to submit a bid that he cannot honor. If the users place a winning bid, they are obliged to buy the product at the final auction price that was reached.

  • Products Info

    How can you sell items at such low prices?

    Auction sale allows you to start with the sale from the lowest value of the item in order to reach the highest value at that moment. The starting price is created by the seller himself, that is, the owner of the object offered for sale. This allows us to offer items at lower prices than those that can be found on the market.

  • How Do I Know That The Products You Sell Are Authentic?

    All products displayed on the platform are described and presented with all characteristics. The seller is responsible for the authenticity of the product. The buyer gets acquainted with the subject of sale through photos and descriptions. In certain situations, the seller also gives a warranty on the product.

  • Are The Products Brand New?

    All our products are brand new and come in original packaging.

  • Why Does The Product Retail Price Sometimes Differ Between Countries?

    The initial price of the item is influenced exclusively by the owner - the seller of the item and the price difference occurs for reasons known to the seller.

  • Participating In Auctions

    Do I Need To Set Up An Account To Place A Bid?

    In order to participate in the auction sale, you must first register (registration is free), by opening your account on the "PRODATO.RS" platform. After registration, you get the opportunity to participate in and follow auctions both in progress and in the future.

  • How Do I Bid At An Auction?

    Bidding is done by pressing the "bid now" button, which is located under the item that is put up for auction. In this way, you make your offer for the subject that interests you.

  • Fairness In Auctions

    What is Fairness in Auctions?

    Preserving the identity and integrity of both the buyer and the seller is crucial to the auction. "Prodato.RS" guarantees privacy to auction participants

  • Returns And Exchanges

    Which Returns & Exchanges are accepted?

    At the auction sale, the item is bought in the condition it was seen. Exceptionally, a refund or complaint can be made if the product arrives at the address damaged by the seller, and the sender should be notified within 2 days. In this case, the owner of the item.

  • Payments

    What payment methods does PRODATO use?

    Payment after the end of the auction is made directly to the seller based on the notification you receive from "PRODATO.RS". The seller is obliged to specify the method of payment in the product description, i.e. after receiving the goods or before the goods are collected.

  • Security

    Online security is a priority for "PRODATO.RS", which is why the latest encryption technologies are used to store your data that you provide to us.

  • Technical Issues

    Why Did My Bid Not Register?

    In certain situations, due to the internet connection, there may be a delay in the reception of your offer on the "PRODATO.RS" server. The reasons for lagging - internet signal delay are different. One of the reasons may be network overload. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the course of the auction:
    1. Don't leave your bidding until the very last second.
    2. Do not download or send large files while using "PRODATO.RS" because this can burden your internet network, which affects its quality.

  • Why Did My Bid Button Become Transparent And I Cannot Click it?

    This is a security option that occurs in situations when you lose your internet connection or the internet connection with the "PRODATO.RS" server is bad. This option prevents you from making offers for a technical reason, because you are not on the line at that moment, and at the same time you are warned that you are not on the line.

  • Recommended Internet Connection:

    DSL connection or faster