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This Auction The sale shall be done in the framework of the rules and other provisions that the auction of SSI DOO (hereinafter prodato.rs) may be added via email or at www.prodato.rs

            The Bidder (I) and the auctioneer(I) agree that the terms below shall regulate any Online Auction sale.


ALL Records of registration that the Bidder delivers to the auctioneer must be current, complete and accurate.

All bidders must be older than 18 years old.

The Bidder agrees not to use any device, software or interference routine or Attempt to disrupting the correct work Any transaction that takes place at auction and during any auction.

For most auctions, payment for purchase can be done, payment cards (Visa/Master Card ISL), or a bank transfer order. When entering data on the payment card, confidential information is transmitted through the public network is protected (encrypted) Form using SSL protocol and PKI system, is currently the most modern cryptography technology. The Security of data in purchase guarantees the processor of ChipCard A.D. Beograd, so the complete billing process is performed on the pages of ChipCard. Not one moment data on the payment card is available to our system.

In case of return of goods Funds to a customer who had previously paid to one of the payment cards, partially or entirely, and regardless of the reason for the return, SSI DOO is obliged to take the refund exclusively through VISA, EC/SC and Maestro payment method.

Please refer to each page when reviewing the auction for the payment terms. All sales are subject to appropriate Tax laws.

All sales are subject to buyer’s premium according to certain conditions, which are listed for each individual auction. The Buyer confirms and agrees not to withdraw its offer of purchase. The Buyer shall be responsible for all arrangements regarding the takeover and/or removal of goods on special terms or conditions specified at the auction. Keep in mind that some time removal is short, be aware of the removal times when bidding.

Item descriptions in the article/lot that appear at auction and in advertising before the auction is correct. Regardless of that, no descriptions or any oral statements of the owner/salesperson regarding any item/Case not be interpreted as a guarantee, expressed or implied. ITEMS/CASES ARE SOLD AS SEEN – or with all known, apparent or otherwise visible deficiencies.

The Bidder agrees that all items/lots will be available for pre-auction review, according to these rules, the auctioneer has given the opportunity to the seller for viewing and has warned him to carefully examine the item/lot In which the bidder had the interest to determine the nature of the item/party, quality, state, quantity, and size. All bidders rely solely on their personal observations, not the information specified on the site or otherwise presented by auction or owner/seller.

The Inability of the bidder to review, or otherwise be fully informed about the nature, quality, state, quantity and Size of any Item/lot will not be the basis for any objection or request, for refund of the funds, termination of contract for sale, or refusal to conclude a sale, against auctioneer or owner/seller.

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF INTERNET AUCTION PURCHASE are the final expression of the party's will and fully agrees on the terms of sale. The GUARANTEE, SAID OR PARTICULAR IMPLIED, ARE EXCLUDED from this sale and transaction and will not apply to the goods subject to this sale.

The Auctioneer has no control over the case/lot who are on the website and cannot guarantee the authenticity and quality of the specified product unless otherwise clearly written expressed. The Auctioneer is not responsible for the actions of the owners/seller during and after the auction, typographical errors, printing errors, loss of goods/money, damage or malfunction Equipment during your visit to the platform prodato.rs. The Use of this site is at its own risk.

Despite efforts to avoid the withdrawal of items/parties from sales after they are exposed, sometimes it is necessary. Auctioneer and owner/seller reserve the right to do so in any time before or during the sale. Owner/seller of the lot through this site reserves the right to reject any and all offers by its own. The right can be used in the situation where the owner has set a minimum acceptable price – the reserve. If there is a reserve on the lot, the auctioneer and/or seller shall have the right to offer on behalf of the seller.

After the auction is finished done, the buyer (the bidder with the highest bid) will receive an electronic confirmation on the completion of the sale, which is why the Buyer must provide the auctioneer a current, correct e-mail address.

Property Rights are transferring to the buyer after the payment of the price at auction is paid that is increased for the buyer’s premium amount and the corresponding tax or after payment. Removal of the lot is on the risk and the customer's responsibility. Any Customer picking up the lot must inform the auctioneer in writing of the pickup or if another person on his behalf will do so. This person must have written authorization before he can pick up the goods.

The removal after the expiry date, unless with a prior agreement has been reached on the extension of the deadline, a storage fee per item/lot will be charged for each subsequent day. Buyer must fully remove the lot that has been purchased and is responsible for the cost of the removal of the lots.

Any purchase, whether paid or not, will be considered abandoned if it is not retrieved within 10 days from the day of the auction.

Subsequent complaints shall not be appreciated in connection with the case/lot after the removed from space or after the removal date published by the auction, whether the property has been removed or not. The Auctioneer reserves the right to, for any reason, at its sole discretion, to terminate, change any aspect of any auction Sales.

The Auctioneer reserves the right to resell property that is not fully disbursed to all funds received by the buyer within two days from the date of conclusion of the On-line Auctions. If the bidder/buyer does not Pay Item/lot who won the On-line auction, this will result in the initiation of proper legal proceedings against the Buyer by the seller and auctioneer. Also, the buyer shall be prohibited from participating in all future auctions. The Auctioneer may resell all unpaid items from the same auction and the buyer will be held responsible for the collection and damages arising from the resale.

The Final buyer (the bidder who made the highest bid at auction) will be designated at the end of each auction Sales. If there is a dispute between the two or more bidders of the auctioneer, reserves the right to repeat the auction. The auction for the Buyer is final.

 The buyer agrees and assumes the responsibility and liability to compensate each owner/seller, Auctioneer and their employees, and agrees to compensation of receivables, losses, The damages, liabilities, judgments, costs and costs (including the reasonable fees and the costs of lawyers) arising or Related to customers, agents or representatives, by using the Site, including, but not limited to, personal injury or property, incurred at retail or during the takeover and transport of any auction Item/lot from/or based on, violation of the TERMS of PURCHASE ON the INTERNET AUCTION of this site or any misuse by the bidder on the site/platform that results from a dispute with the other bidder.

 Auctioneer SSI DOO through its platform www.prodato.rs Provides the service as an independent contractor for the owner/seller and is not responsible for the statements of other parties.

 GENERAL CONDITIONS OF INTERNET AUCTION PURCHASE are a binding agreement between the seller and the auctioneer until it's been dissolved by the auctioneer. The Auctioneer can do so at any time, without notice, and it’s an exclusive right of Auctioneer. If the buyer is unsatisfied with the auction site for any reason, then the buyer has the right to terminate the use of auction website 1 day prior to the auction. The Auctioneer reserves the right to terminate the registration of the bidder and the use of the auction site, to restrict the publication of certain features of the auction site, to restrict access to or use of the entire site without notice.

 The Auctioneer cannot and will not be liable for any interrupts in the service, errors and/or omissions, caused by unauthorized and not competent use of technical equipment by third parties, does not guarantee continuous or non-service errors or use of the site. The Bidder accepts and agrees that this auction is conducted electronically and relies on its own hardware and software that may be defective without warning. The Auctioneer can, at its sole discretion, annul any sale, suspend Bidding and selling of any Item/lot to which the malfunction was affected. The auctioneer’s decision is final.

 The Auctioneer collects information about bidders and owners/retailers only for the purpose of conducting electronic auctions. A more detailed explanation is given in privacy policy on our site.

 Auctioneer uses E-mail from the mailing list to inform their clients (potential buyers and previous customers) about the upcoming auctions. If in this situation, you receive a specific (newsletter) and you want to stop receiving future ones, simply send an e-mail to the Auctioneer to remove Your e-mail from our list.

 Bidder, placing the BID shall not be withdrawn. Once you have set up an offer, and if you win, you are obliged to purchase the product at the specified price that you indicate as your offer increased to the buyer’s premium with the associated taxes. By Placing a quote on www.prodato.rs and by declaring yourself as a buyer, you commit to paying for auction. The Buyer’s premium (a value that is added to an auctions price is expressed in a percentage and represents the fee of the Auctioneer). For non-payment, we initiate the appropriate procedure in front of the competent authorities. If the owner/seller of the property sold through this site rejects any and as well as all incoming offers, it is obliged to compensate for the damages of the auctioneer as well as the auction winner.   

 The Bidder is responsible for all the offers given to you by the number assigned to you by the system and for the safety of your password. The Security of your provider's information is your sole liability because You, the bidder, will be responsible for any and all offers are given under your number. If at any time you feel that your bidding number and the password are compromised due to the lack of security on your part, you must Inform the auctioneer immediately.

The Bidder agrees to the use of the "Maximum offer" option on the platform www.prodato.rs, this option is used in accordance with the specific requirements of the seller. When You use Function "Maximum offer", if you are currently a high bidder and want to change the maximum offer, you will be asked to place a new offer enlarged – For the Step (step is the value for which the last arrival of the offer is increased, the step is determined by the seller's request), For the value specified for the Item/lot to increase the maximum offer that may cause you to raise your last high quote for one step of the quote. You, as a bidder, consent to use this "Maximum offer" function in situations where it is permitted or foreseen on demand Seller.

The Bidder is obligated not to use any device, software or procedure for obstruction or attempt to disrupt the correct work of the website or any activity that is spent on the website.

 The Bidder obliges not to undertake any actions that can disrupt the normal working of the platform.

 The Bidder commits not to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, create derivative works, or publicly display any content from www.prodato.rs Without the prior written approval of the auctioneer.  THE PLATFORM IS USED ON ITS OWN RISK/LIABILITY WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF THE AUCTION LOT.

 Accessing and using platform www.prodato.rs are subject to all specific terms and conditions set on each individual page within the platform presented as – GENERAL TERMS of PURCHASE AT INTERNET AUCTION and all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the laws of Copyright and trademarks. All The auction photos that appear on this the website is owned by SSI DOO and cannot be used without express written authorization.

 BY REGISTERING on THIS SITE, the bidder agrees and accepts, without limitation, all the terms and conditions defined In GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS INTERNET AUCTION and obliges to comply with all applicable laws and other regulations relating to the use of the Web Platform. Legal action will be taken against anyone who violates the provisions of these terms or any other applicable law or regulation. The Auctioneer reserves the right to periodically change the conditions and provisions of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS INTERNET AUCTION and the responsibility of the bidder Provisions of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS INTERNET AUCTION to meet the current conditions and rules prior to any use of this Site. The Auctioneer has the obligation to deliver and Inform their bidders and sellers on changes in general conditions.

By using this site, the bidder agrees and accepts all the rules, conditions, and any possible changes.

The Buyer will be suspended and will permanently be banned from access to the platform if they gave false information when registering, or false contact data, if a successful bidder does not comply with the Its auction offer (e.g. non-payment). In addition to the ban on access to the platform, we will take proper legal action.

Using E-mail Addresses is strictly limited to contacting buyers and owners/sellers by Auctioneer, any use of this private information by the bidder is strictly prohibited.

 No legal advice is intended or implied by anything that is contained on the site. No liability or burden is retrieved or in any way it is imposed by using the Site.

 The Bidder disclaims any legal claims or other requests to SSI DOO, relating to: access to viewing of the lots after the viewing time slot has passed,  picking up the lot/lots from the premises, the persons who are engaged by the buyer or the buyer themselves are injured, for damages which occur during handling and or transport of the lot/lots.

 The Buyer is responsible for its personnel and damages that these persons make on the lot of purchase or the Room. It is Prohibited without the prior written consent of the auctioneer to use machinery and equipment to remove the Lot/lots. If there is damage using equipment and machinery, liability for the damages falls to the Buyer. The place where the objects to be retrieved may be and cannot be excluded from certain dangerous materials (may be flammable, harmful, corrosive, or other Hazmat). Each person enters such a space at their own risk and only with the previous consent of the owner of the room/space and activities that will be performed or carried out in the premises. After Receiving notification, the bidder/Buyer shall inform the employed persons and employees about the state. Nobody will take legal actions against auctioneer, sellers or their employees for any injury, damage or loss of property that may occur in that place. Neither the auctioneer nor the seller shall be liable for any damages or any kind (either in the contract, delinquent or in another way) that has been claimed by any bidder, person or entity in connection with the auction. Without limiting the above, in no event, there is no liability of the auctioneer to any bidder for any act or omission related to the auction.

These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS INTERNET AUCTION regulates the relations between sellers, bidders/buyers, and auctioneer, and any disputes arising of or related to the Website shall be regulated, understood and applied in accordance with the LAW on obligations of RS. If the English translation differs from the original made in the Serbian Language than the Serbian version shall prevail.