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Are all products on Prodato.rs authentic?
PLS read always the description on the product page, also you should always see the product in person. On our site, there are the viewing dates displayed. Some products have been appraised this is also mentioned in the text. So please read carefully this information.

Does Prodato.rs provide any warranty on the products?
All product is being bought as seen.

What do we need to pay for the product or are there any hidden cost?
No there are no hidden costs! All is clearly described.  You have a bid price, where added on it goes the buyers premium, then over the amount, the VAT will be charged where applicable. At each auction, this is clearly mentioned.

How long does it take to get my product I purchased?
You will have exactly 7 days to pay your product as described per invoice, once the money is on our accounts we will release the products with all the appropriate paperwork. PLS take notice that if you do not pay within the 7 days then we will see this as a forfeit to the auction and we will react the goods. The forfeit also means that all the cost for the auction needs to be paid by the person who forfeited the auction. PLS read carefully the GENERAL TERMS.


The account

I have registered as a new customer but my account is not activated?

When you register you will receive on the email address you added in the registration an activation email. PLS click on the link to be activated. If you did not receive a link then please check the SPAM folder of your email. Otherwise, send us an email on care@prodato.rs

Why can I not enter a user name I want?
The system generates a free USER ID which is linked to your information, this is to keep the bidding anonymous.

Can prodato.rs change my information and user name?
No this is not possible as your information is securely stored away where we also can not access/change it.


The Technology

Which Browser do you advise to use
Our advice is to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, on another browser it will be working but if you want the best experience then please use google chrome.

I am using my smartphone for bidding is this ok?

Of course, our site is made responsive so you can easily use a smartphone, tablet or other devices.

For any question or support needed please send an email to care@prodato.rs